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Dance transmission is all about creating a bond and exchanging by arousing curiosity and confidence ...

Marie-Claude Pietragalla and Julien Derouault founded the Théâtre du Corps in 2005. This company, based in Alfortville, reflects the atypical career of these two choreographic artists. For the first time, from September 17, 2018, regular classes are opened throughout the season (2018-2019), a great opportunity to discover their choreographic work. Their approach is singular, rich in artistic encounters, transdisciplinary experiences and new works.

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From 17 september 2018 to 29 june 2019 except public holidays and school holidays zone c

Barre au sol contemporaine avec Marie-Claude Pietragallla Lundi 10h30-12h
Atelier Chorégraphique Marie-Claude Pietragalla Julien Derouault lundi 17h30-19h
Théâtre ado et adulte Robin Laporte Lundi 19h-21h
Break House Hip-hop Adrien Goulinet Mardi 18h30-19h30
Classique enfant Irina Izambert Mercredi 9h30-10h30
Contemporain adulte Nam Kyung Kim Mercredi 19h-20h30
Barre au sol classique Irina Izambert Samedi 10h-11h
contemporain enfant Nam Kyungt Kim Samedi 11h-12h

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Marie-Claude Pietragalla

Paris Opera étoile, former director of the national ballet of Marseille and her school, she is choreographer and founder of the Théâtre du Corps. In close collaboration with choreographer Julien Derouault, she has been developing a technique and an aesthetic on the theatricality of movement for 19 years. She questions our relation to the body, time, intimacy and to others by exploring in a new way theater and dance as well as the resonance of the text into the gesture and vice versa.


Julien Derouault

Former soloist at the National Ballet of Marseille, dancer, actor, he is choreographer and founder of the Pietragalla Derouault Theatre du Corps company. Since 2000, with the choreographer Marie-Claude Pietragalla, he has experimented with multiple choreographic and theatrical techniques to create a new aesthetic on the dramaturgy of the human being and his unconscious. His close connection with literature, theater and poetry leads him to a specific work on the actor-dancer and on a breathing technique to master the verb as he dances.

Irina Izambert

She joined the National Ballet of Marseille under the direction of Marie-Claude Pietragalla and continued her career as a dancer in Germany before becoming a choreographic assistant at the Grand Théâtre du Luxembourg.

Nam Kyung Kim

Trained at the Seoul National University of Dance Arts in South Korea and at the National Choreographic Center in Montpellier, she has worked with many Korean and French choreographers including James Thierré, Marie-Claude Pietragalla and Julien Derouault.

Robin Laporte

Trained in Jean-Laurent Cochet's classes, his encounters lead him on stage, in classical theater (Labiche, Molière, Musset ...) as well as in more contemporary theater, including music.

Adrien Goulinet

He was trained by Bouba Landrille Tchouda (Cie Malka) and became trainer in urban dances. He has worked with many contemporary and classical Hip Hop choreographers. In 2009, he collaborated with the Theater du Corps for their creation "Marco Polo".



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